Catan 5-6 Player Extension

Catan 5-6 Player Extension



  • Expands the original Catan to host up to 6 players
  • Which gives us at ThinkGeek more opportunities to be horrible people
  • But for realsies, we’re not all bad
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Just when you thought we were done being evil boardgame players, THINK again. Since this is a Catan expansion, we’re back with even more horrible confessions.

“Sometimes I leave mid-game after doing a bunch of trades just because I want to eliminate resources and take them off the table.”

“I pretend to team up with my significant other. We’ll trade resources that we need to help each other out. Then, at the last second, I’ll change gears and cut my partner’s road off.”

“I love building the longest road while trapping in one of my opponents so they can’t expand.”

“When I roll a 7, I move the robber onto an opponent’s resource and steal a card. Then I play my knight card and move the robber to a resource space that’s also important to that same person and steal another card from them!”

Karen, if you don’t stop rolling the robber we’re not letting you play with us anymore! Just because more people can play Catan thanks to this extension doesn’t mean everyone has to turn on each other. OR DOES IT?

This Catan 5-6 Player Extension allows you to add up to two more players to the original Catan game. With minor rule changes and more pieces, you’ll now have a longer and more challenging game. But watch out… more people means more sabotage.

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