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$9.3 Billion

Total Star Wars Franchise
Box Office Revenue


Was the amount Harrison Ford was paid for Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope

Galactic Funk!

A disco version of the Star Wars theme became a No. 1 hit in 1977, and held the spot for two weeks.


George Lucas came up with the name R2-D2 while filming American Graffiti. A member of the sound crew asked him to retrieve reel #2 of the second dialogue track, which in the parlance would be, “Could you get R2-D2 for me?”

Eyes in the back of his head

Boba Fett’s helmet gives him full 360-degree vision thanks to an advanced built-in HUD.

Giving him eyes in the back of his head.

31% of People have not watched a Star Wars Movie.

Chewbacca was inspired by George Lucas's dog.

“The stories are all true. I had a large dog named Indiana,” he said. “A malamute, an Alaskan malamute, and he would ride around in the car in the front seat. Not driving. I loved that image.”

George Lucas at Star Wars Celebration 2017 confirming that Chewbacca was inspired by his dog.

TIE Fighter

The sound of the TIE Fighter engines is actually the sound of an elephant call mixed with the sounds of a car driving on wet pavement.

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Q: Why is a Jedi knight never lonely?

A: Because the force is always with him.

Q: Why did the angry Jedi cross the road?

A: To get to the Dark Side.

Q: What do you call Chewbacca when he has chocolate stuck in his hair?

A: Chocolate Chip Wookiee.

Q: What did the rancor say after he ate a Wookiee?

A: Chewie!

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