The Indecta Era

17,018 BBY

* The Indecta Era begins.

* The First Alsakan Conflict begins, sparking fourteen thousand years of conflict between Alsakan and Coruscant. Alsakan leads its supporters, the Axis worlds, in blocking the Grand Companies of the Spin from expanding south, and the trading conglomerates are backed by Duros merchant barons and the Coruscant-dominated Republic.

* Republic forces conquer the planet Virujansi.

17,012 BBY

Alsakani forces liberate Virujansi.

17,000 BBY

Rogue Arkanian scientists transplant a number of Xexto to the Quermia system, where they terraform the planet Quermia into a paradise and genetically manipulate the Xexto, resulting in the evolution of the Quermian species.

16,921 BBY

The Battle of Kes, the only direct armed conflict between the Republic and Alsakan during the early Alsakan Conflicts, occurs.

16,820 BBY

The First Siege of Porus Vida occurs.

16,800 BBY

The Siege of Belasco occurs.

16,782 BBY

The Celebratus Archive is founded on the planet Obroa-skai.

16,700 BBY

The First Alsakan Conflict ends as the Bureau of Ships and Services forces a peace—the Bureau threatens to withhold access to the hyperspace beacons.

16,200 BBY

The Second Alsakan Conflict begins.

16,100 BBY

The Second Siege of Porus Vida occurs.

16,000 BBY

The Second Alsakan Conflict’s Gizer Campaign occurs.

15,600 BBY

The Core Campaigns, part of the Second Alsakan Conflict, take place.

15,500 BBY

* The Duinuogwuin Contention: Republic scouts encounter the Duinuogwuin, or Star Dragons, near Murkhana and incur the leviathans’ wrath. The Star Dragons attack Coruscant, sparking mass panic, but Supreme Chancellor Fillorean contacts the attackers and, upon discovering they are sentient, negotiates a peace with the philosopher Borz’Mat’oh.

* Fillorean and Borz’Mat’oh collaborate to found the University of Coruscant.

15,400 BBY

The Second Alsakan Conflict comes to an end.

15,480 BBY

The Strontium Raid on Abhean occurs.

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