Subterra Period

8000 BBY

* The Subterra Period begins.

* Beginning of the Meri-Teltior War.

* The planet Malastare becomes a member of the Republic.

* Elrood is colonized by the Galactic Republic.

* Goroth Prime is discovered by Corellian pirates.

* The star Colu expands, swallowing the planet Clak’dor I.

7811 BBY

The Waymancy Storm occurs—a conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Waymancy Hollow, the government of Waymancy. The victorious Republic reverse-engineered the Sisters of the Machinesmith’s power generator technology to develop far more powerful turbolaser weaponry.

7700 BBY

The Verpine master crafter Lyns Skutroo pioneers the squintpipe process for power generators, having reverse-engineered the Waymancy Storm technology. As a result, shielding technology become important in combat, evolving from simply protection against environmental phenomena.

7500 BBY

Further refinement of the squintpipe process allows for increases in shield power and regeneration.

7348 BBY

The Twelve Kingdoms Era of the Expanse comes to an end as the warlord Shey Tapani begins the Unification War to unite the worlds of the region.

7328 BBY

The Unification War ends at the battle of Shindra’s Veil, and Shey Tapani unites the Expanse under the banner of the Tapani Empire. He establishes his new government on Procopia, and also dedicates the Shey Tapani University on Estalle Island shortly after the Empire’s founding.

7308 BBY

The Tapani Empire establishes a university system on the planet Mrlsst, which was recently discovered by Republic and Tapani scouts.

7003 BBY

The Second Great Schism occurs as a number of Dark Jedi split from the Jedi Order.

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