Pius Dea Era

11,987 BBY

Supreme Chancellor Pers’lya is impeached by the Pius Dea, a religious sect who install the Human adherent Contispex. Contispex’s election begins the Pius Dea Era.

11,965 BBY

Contispex I sanctions a military invasion of Hutt Space—the First Pius Dea Crusade. The crusade is the first of a series of Pius Dea Crusades that are military crusades against alien species by the increasingly-Pius Dea Galactic Republic.

11,947 BBY

Contispex I steps down as Supreme Chancellor and is succeeded by his son Contispex II.

11,939 BBY

Contispex II sanctions the Third Pius Dea Crusade, yet another invasion of Hutt Space.

11,933 BBY

The Jedi Order retreats to Ossus and severs all ties with the Pius Dea–dominated Republic, beginning their Recusal. A number of Jedi who are loyal to the Pius Dea form the Order of the Terrible Glare and settle on the planet Garn.

11,920 BBY

The Fourth Pius Dea Crusade begins against the Hutts.

11,884 BBY

The Seventh Pius Dea Crusade, also known as the Great Northern Crusade, begins against the Zabrak and other species native to the northern region of the galaxy.

11,820 BBY

The Sixth Alsakan Conflict begins as the Alsakani ally with the Duros, Herglics, and the Hutts against the Pius Dea-controlled Republic; however, the conflict ends with a Republic victory.

11,791 BBY

The Tenth Pius Dea Crusade, also known as the Crusade of the Wilds, begins.

11,708 BBY

The Colonial Era of the Tapani sector ends, beginning the Twelve Kingdoms Era.

11,707 BBY

The Eleventh Pius Dea Crusade against the Herglics begins.

11,660 BBY

* The Twelfth Pius Dea Crusade occurs.

* Republic forces conduct an orbital bombardment of Zarracina III known as the Destruction of Zarracina III, turning its surface into an irradiated wasteland and forcing the native Zarracines into a nomadic existence.

* The Teirasans of Teirasa are outraged by the attack on Zarracina, prompting the Republic to attack Teirasa.

11,600 BBY

Republic citizens fleeing the Pius Dea settle the planet Prefsbelt IV.

11,591 BBY

The Fifteenth Pius Dea Crusade against the Baragwin begins.

11,198 BBY

The Twenty-Third Pius Dea Crusade against the Bothans and the Lanniks begins.

11,100 BBY

The Inquisitions begin in the Core Worlds and the Colonies, and the Jedi Order end their Recusal.

11,057 BBY

The Thirty-Fourth Pius Dea Crusade against the Hutts begins.

10,970 BBY

The Renunciate Admiral Pers Pradeux discovers Prefsbelt IV and makes it a retreat for Renunciate naval officers in their efforts to overthrow the Pius Dea.

10,967 BBY

* The Renunciation: The Renunciate movement, a splinter faction of the Pius Dea that has renounced their faith, reveals itself and allies with the Alsakani, Caamasi, and the Jedi Order. This splits the Pius Dea faith from within, pitting the Faithful against those who have abandoned the faith, and signals the start of the Seventh Alsakan Conflict.

* Renunciate forces clash with Faithfuls at Fondor, Ixtlar, and Cyrillia, supported by the Jedi, Alsakani, Duros, Herglics, and Hutts.

10,966 BBY

* The Bureau of Ships and Services seed the Republic Navy with rogue navicomputer codes, which forces the Pius Dea’s ships to jump randomly to hyperspace and become lost forever.

* At the Battle of Uquine, the Renunciate forces annihilate the remaining Pius Dea ships. The Jedi capture Contispex XIX aboard the Flame of Sinthara, taking him to Caamas where he stands trial and is imprisoned.

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