Manderon period

7000 BBY

* The Meri-Teltior War ends.

* Trandosha joins the Galactic Republic.

* Dathka Graush initiates a period of civil war on Korriban upon ascending to the throne.

* The Manderon Period begins.

* The Hundred-Year Darkness begins in the aftermath of the Second Great Schism.

* The Taung Mandalore the First leads his followers from the planet Roon to a new world, which his followers rename Mandalore in his honor.

*Republic scouts discover the Quermian system, where the Quermians have settled numerous worlds; within a few decades, the Quermians are active participants in the galactic community.

* The Sith library Veeshas Tuwan is established on Arkania.

6950 BBY

Dathka Graush’s reign comes to an end with his death at the hands of assassins.

6900 BBY

* The Hundred-Year Darkness comes to an end with the Battle of Corbos. The defeated Dark Jedi are exiled from the Republic.

* Ajunta Pall becomes the first Dark Lord of the Sith.

* The Exiles discover the Sith Empire on Korriban, which they quickly conquer and transform into a Force-using magocracy.

6740 BBY

The crystal world of Mygeeto is discovered by the Republic.

6700 BBY

The Mandalorians drive the Fenelar species to extinction after raiding the planet Fenel, and they arm themselves with Fenelar technology.

6100 BBY

* The planet Tlön is depopulated and it’s surface largely incinerated by this time after centuries of conflict between the Mandalorians and the Tlönians.

* The planet Saleucami is first colonized.

6000 BBY

* The planet Ession has been settled by this time.

* Intelligent life appears on the planet Altiria in the form of the Altiri and Anarrians.

5975 BBY

The planet Dorin, home of the Kel Dor, joins the Republic.

5500 BBY

* The Rimma Trade Route is established by Sullustan pilots and Givin theorists, ushering in widespread colonization of the southern galaxy.

* The Corellian Trade Spine is fully established, extending the ancient hyperroute that links Corellia and Duro all the way out to the edge of the galaxy.

5451 BBY

The Pathandr Fury occurs as the Mandalorian Crusaders raid Republic settlements.

5300 BBY

The Jedi Order establishes a training center on the planet Mustafar.

5130 BBY

The Nakat Incursions, a border conflict instigated by the Mandalorians, occurs.

5103 BBY

The child Tenebrae kills his father, Lord Dramath, and embarks on a conquest of Nathema.

5100 BBY

Dark Lord of the Sith Marka Ragnos appoints Tenebrae ruler of Nathema, granting him the title of Lord Vitiate.

5010 BBY

Teta ascends to the throne of the planet Koros Major, and soon begins the Unification Wars in an attempt to unite the seven worlds of the Koros system under her rule.

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