Kymoodon Era

15,000 BBY

* The Kymoodon Era begins.

* The Anomids of Yablari joins the Republic.

* The Hutt Cataclysms come to an end; by this time, the Hutt homeworld of Varl and the other colony worlds are lifeless wastes, forcing the Hutts to relocate to Evocar.

* The Galactic Senate heeds calls for the reestablishment of the Republic Navy.

* The Cremlevian War, which sees the Yuuzhan Vong conquer many of the planets in their galaxy before turning on themselves, comes to an end, and their homeworld Yuuzhan’tar strips the species of their ability to use the Force.

* The Aquala and Quara species fight a civil war, but unite when an offworld exploratory vessel lands on Ando. The united Aqualish species kill the explorers and take their ship, learning to reproduce it.

* A few decades later, the Aqualish embark on a campaign of conquest, but are quickly stopped by the Republic.

* Dahrtag, later known more commonly as Necropolis, is first settled by a religious order who are appalled by the way that Core cultures have grown more similar to each other. They set aside parts of the world for each culture, and invite any culture to inter their dead on the planet in their specific tradition.

14,743 BBY

The Herglic Crush occurs; one of the casualties of the event is the Caliginous Automaton on the planet Tomo-Reth.

14,500 BBY

The Third Alsakan Conflict begins with the Commenor Run Campaign.

14,450 BBY

The Cleansing of Rucapar occurs, a battle that sees the Alsakan Mosaics in the city of Rucapar destroyed by Republic forces.

14,300 BBY

* The Third Alsakan Conflict comes to an end; during the final stages of fighting, the Duros Red Credit Brigade is defeated.

* Nikato’s Bootheel is established around the planet Raxus Prime.

14,000 BBY

* A number of Sith establish a library-temple on the world of Krayiss Two where they slumber and their spirits haunt the temple for the next 10,000 years.

* The Korden family first appears.

* Duros scouts discover the planet Sneeve and the Sneevel species in the Expansion Region.

13,800 BBY

The Fourth Alsakan Conflict begins.

13,649 BBY

The Defense of Drogheda takes place.

13,220 BBY

The Conquest of Manaan occurs.

13,200 BBY

The Fourth Alsakan Conflict comes to an end.

13,050 BBY

The Fifth Alsakan Conflict begins.

13,000 BBY

* The Herglic Trade Empire joins the Republic, sparking development around the Hidakai Pool route.

* The planet Ailon becomes a member of the Republic.

12,980 BBY

Admiral Hirken defends Alsakani colonies in the Northern Dependencies, a campaign that was a major turning point in the conflict.

12,720 BBY

The planet Pelagon in the future Tapani sector is first settled by large colony ships, and the colonists soon settle other worlds in the region.

12,700 BBY

* The Resistance on Cyrillia occurs.

* The Fifth Alsakan Conflict comes to an end.

12,293 BBY

An expedition led by Doctor Beramsh conducts the first surveys of the planet Tandun III.

12,000 BBY

* Ithorian herdships make first contact with the Republic.

* The planet Ord Mantell is settled by explorers and colonists from Corellia, and the planet becomes an Ordnance/Regional Depot that later serves as a basis for the Seventh Pius Dea Crusade.

* Starting from the planet Gyndine, scouts start to establish the Ootmian Pabol route, bridging the gap between the Republic and Hutt Space.

* Haddius Korden, a successful merchant from Corulag, turned his family business into Korden Outfitting and Surveying, which supplied a wide variety of equipment to colonists headed for the farthest frontiers of the known galaxy.

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