Star Wars Inter-Sith Wars Period Timeline

End of the Old Sith Wars.

3950 BBY

Darth Nyriss is killed.

The city of Bin Prime is chosen to replace Sobrik as the capital of Balmorra.

Revan, Meetra Surik, and the rogue Sith Lord Scourge travel to Dromund Kaas in a daring attempt to try and kill the Sith Emperor. However, they are betrayed by Scourge. Surik is killed and Revan is taken prisoner. He would remain the Sith Emperor’s captive for three centuries.

The Emperor’s Voice is created.

The Czerka Corporation, through not entirely legal means, attempts to take control over the Telosian Restoration Project.

Queen Elsinoré den Tasia ascends to the planetary throne of Grizmallt, and sponsors the scout Kwilaan, who discovers Naboo.

The Kanz Disorders, though beginning nearly two decades before the end of the Old Sith Wars, continue for nearly three more centuries.

G0-T0 droids seize control of sixteen worlds in the Gordian Reach and secede from the Republic, forming the independent territory of 400100500260026. However, Supreme Chancellor Tol Cressa organizes a military campaign that liberates the territory.

3946 BBY

The Republic, under the directive of Supreme Chancellor Tol Cressa, retakes 400100500260026.

Queen Elsinoré den Tasia of Grizmallt sponsors one of the last colonization efforts by her world, but the colonization ships—the Beneficent Tasia, Constant, and Mother Vima—disappear from sight. It is later discovered that the ships reached the planet Naboo, where they settled and came into conflict with the native Gungans.

3900 BBY

Karagga the Unyielding becomes Supreme Mogul of the Hutt Cartel; he retains the position for nearly two centuries.

3841 BBY

Bowdaar is born on Kashyyyk.

3838 BBY

Sraato sustains massive damage from a meteor storm, beginning a period of environmental chaos that lasts for five hundred years.

3809 BBY

The reconstituted Sith Empire begins preparations for their eventual invasion of the Republic.

3781 BBY

Eison Gynt dies on Coruscant.

Jedi Master Barel Ovair, actually a servant of the Sith Emperor, undertakes a mission with his apprentice Eison Gynt to Yavin 4. Ovair’s true mission is to eliminate the spirit of Naga Sadow for the Emperor, but the two are attacked by Massassi and Ovair is forced to flee the moon, abandoning his apprentice. Gynt returns to Coruscant years later, under Sadow’s possession, and is killed when he attacks Ovair.

3756 BBY

The hunter Riegenn Hetuu delivers a live k’lor’slug queen to his Hutt client on Nal Hutta, only to be consumed along with his client by the approximately four hundred k’lor’slugs that the queen had spawned in his ship. The incident gives rise to the term a “hutt’s cry,” referring to the sound made by a batch of hatching k’lor’slugs.

3743 BBY

Darth Vowrawn is born.

3717 BBY

The Sith Lord Darth Ikoral is granted permission to take his flagship, the Red Reaper, on an expedition in search of pureblooded Sith outside of the Sith Empire.

3712 BBY

Hedarr Soongh becomes the youngest ever Grand Champion of the Great Hunt.

3708 BBY

Eckard Lokin is born on Dromund Kaas.

3707 BBY

The Brentaalan hyperspace explorer Freia Kallea bridges the gap between the Mandalorian Road and the Sprizen End Run.

3705 BBY

Freia Kallea connects the Spurs of Celanon at Serenno with the Morellian Trail at Telos IV.

3704 BBY

Freia Kallea charts a route south from Denon, linking the end of the Brentaal–Denon Route with the Dustig Trace. However, she crash-lands on the uncharted planet Nuvar thanks to interference from rivals, where she is stranded for six years.

3702 BBY

Darth Marr is born.

Freia Kallea’s route is expanded from the Dustig Trace to Seswenna and Clak’dor VII to the south over several years.

3701 BBY

A scoutship named Hope was disabled and crash-landed on the remote planet of Nuvar. This occurred while its pilot, Freia Kallea, was trying to search for a route that “would span the entire galaxy”.

Darth Malgus is born on Dromund Kaas.

The Hydian Way is discovered by Freia Kallea.

3700 BBY

Ord Mantell begins to serve as a trade outpost for the region surrounding it.

Darth Baras is born.

3698 BBY

Gault Rennow is born.

3697 BBY

Elin Garza is born on Coruscant.

3696 BBY

Darth Thanaton is born.

Rescued from Nuvar, Kallea extends her route all the way to Terminus near the edge of the galactic disk, and then extends it further to Imynusoph.

3694 BBY

Rycus Kilran is born on Dromund Kaas.

The fully-charted Hydian Way is christened.

3693 BBY

Darth Jadus is born.

3688 BBY

Jace Malcom joins the Republic Army.

3683 BBY

Fideltin Rusk is born on Mindor.

3682 BBY

The resurgent Sith Empire under the rule of the Sith Emperor returns from the Unknown Regions. The Imperial Armada attacks the Galactic Republic space station above Korriban, reclaiming the Sith homeworld and beginning the Great Galactic War.

3681 BBY

Korriban is reclaimed by the Sith.

The Empire begins a blockade of the Rimma Trade Route.

Darth Marr joins the Dark Council.

Malavai Quinn is born on Dromund Kaas.

3680 BBY

The Blockade of the Rimma Trade Route comes to an end with the Republic’s victory during the Second battle of the Seswenna sector.

Syo Bakarn is born on Corellia.

3678 BBY

The Republic tries to recapture Korriban after receiving info from the rogue Sith apprentice Exal Kressh, but are unable to recapture the Sith holy world. Kressh is eventually hunted down and executed for treason.

Tanno Vik is born on Nar Shaddaa.

3676 BBY

Qyzen Fess is born.

3675 BBY

Felix Iresso is born on Rehemsa.

3673 BBY

Aric Jorgan is born on Rendili.

Tharan Cedrax is born on Anaxes.

3672 BBY

Kaliyo Djannis is born on Rattatak.

Pierce is born on Ziost.

3671 BBY

The Republic score their first major victory against the Sith Empire at the First Battle of Bothawui. The Empire would send a much larger force to Bothawui after their initial defeat and faced the Republic in a second battle considered to be the bloodiest battle in the war up to that point; the battle ultimately ended in a stalemate.

Archiban Frodrick Kimble is born on Ralltiir.

3670 BBY

Balmorra is invaded by the Sith Empire.

The Jedi finally liberate the Kanz sector from the Myrialites, ending the Kanz Disorders.

Imperial Intelligence sponsors a Mandalorian gladiator in hopes of using him to rally the Mandalorians to the Sith Empire’s side. Eventually, after a string of fixed victories, the gladiator is given the ancient title of Mandalore by cheering crowds in a Geonosian arena.

3667 BBY

Darth Malgus leads an attack on Alderaan to try and gain a foothold for the Sith Empire in the Core Worlds. The attack fails due to the efforts of Havoc Squad and Satele Shan.

Raina Temple is born on Dromund Kaas.

3666 BBY

Corso Riggs is born on Ord Mantell.

3665 BBY

The Sith Empire win a critical victory at the Battle of Hoth.

Jaesa Willsaam is born on Alderaan.

3664 BBY

Nadia Grell is born on Sarkhai.

Kira Carsen is born on Dromund Kaas.

3663 BBY

Mako is born on Nar Shaddaa.

3662 BBY

Ashara Zavros is born on Coruscant.

Serenno is captured by the Sith Empire.

3661 BBY

Mandalore the Lesser orders a fleet to blockade the Hydian Way.

The Blockade of the Hydian Way comes to an end thanks to the efforts of smuggler Hylo Visz, who ambushed the Mandalorian ships with a fleet of smuggling freighters.

3660 BBY

Torian Cadera is born on Geonosis.

The Battle of Ord Radama takes place.

Mako escapes from Nar Shaddaa.

3655 BBY

The Empire sacks Coruscant, destroying the Jedi Temple and inflicting mass casualties, including Supreme Chancellor Berooken and Jedi Grand Master Zym. They hold the planet hostage as the Republic, who had been tricked into attending peace negotiations on Alderaan, are forced to sign the Treaty of Coruscant, which ends the Great War, beginning the period of covert conflicts and private wars known as the Cold War.

3653 BBY

The Black Sun crime syndicate is founded.

Kira Carsen flees from Dromund Kaas after learning that she is one of the Children of the Emperor.

Satele Shan rediscovers the planet of Tython, a deed that gains her the rank of Jedi Master, and later Grand Master following the death of Grand Master Zym, and the Order relocates to Tython.

3651 BBY

The Jedi Order begins construction of a new Jedi Temple on Tython.

3650 BBY

The Republic begins the Taris Resettlement Initiative.

3648 BBY

Construction of the Jedi Temple on Tython comes to a close.

3647 BBY

Kira Carsen is discovered on Nar Shaddaa by Jedi Master Bela Kiwiiks, who decides to take the girl as her Padawan learner.

3645 BBY

The Cold War begins to collapse as a number of proxy conflicts erupt between the Republic and the Empire, such as Darth Angral’s private war on the Republic, the Alderaan Civil War, and the Separatist War on Ord Mantell.

3643 BBY

The Mandalorians hold the sixth Great Hunt, a galaxy-wide competition between bounty hunters and other competing warriors.

Havoc Squad defects to the Sith Empire.

The Rift Alliance is founded.

The Galactic War breaks out as the tense peace of the Cold War collapses.

3642 BBY

Balmorra is liberated by the Republic after nearly three decades of Imperial occupation.

After spending three centuries as the Sith Emperor’s captive, Revan finally escapes from captivity during the Battle of the Maelstrom. Grand Moff Rycus Kilran is killed during the battle.

Revan captures the Foundry, an ancient Rakata space station capable of mass-producing battle droids on a very large scale. However, an Imperial task force lead by Darth Malgus would catch up with Revan, and he would fall in combat.

Supreme Chancellor Dorian Janarus is assassinated. Leontyne Saresh, Governor of Taris, is elected as his successor.

3641 BBY

Darth Baras leads a coup of the Sith Empire, proclaiming himself to be the Voice of the Emperor after trapping the Emperor on Voss. Baras’ coup would be thwarted after he was killed by his apprentice. The apprentice is subsequently named the Emperor’s Wrath.

The Sith Emperor is seemingly killed by the Hero of Tython during a battle on Dromund Kaas after his attempt to conduct a ritual that would have consumed all life in the galaxy.

Darth Malgus declares the formation of the New Empire on Ilum. This prompts the Republic and Empire to temporarily put aside their differences and work together to defeat Malgus.

Through Operation End Game, the Republic destroys the Ascendant Spear, a prototype warship commanded by Darth Karrid.

3640 BBY

The Hutt Cartel, under the leadership of Supreme Mogul Toborro, invades the neutral world of Makeb in order to harvest the isotope-5 in the planet’s core. The Republic lends the people of Makeb aid, while the weakened Empire undertakes a cover mission to secure isotope-5 reserves for themselves.

3639 BBY

The Empire manages to stabilize Makeb’s core as it begins to tear the planet apart, saving the planet from complete destruction.

The Dread Masters are finally eliminated on the moon of Oricon.

Revan dies for the final time on Yavin 4.

3638 BBY

The Eternal Empire reveals itself and begins its conquest of the galaxy.

3637 BBY

The Eternal Alliance is founded by The Outlander to oppose the Eternal Empire’s rule of the galaxy.

3632 BBY

The Third Galactic War begins.

3630 BBY

Darth Desolous is born.

3522 BBY

Republic scouts discover the moon of Iktotchon, home of the Iktotchi species, and are astonished to see the seal of the Republic carved into a high plateau on the moon’s largest continent. The precognitive Iktotchi predicted the Republic’s arrival by several weeks, and the Iktotchi leaders have gathered at the massive carving for their first contact with other species

3500 BBY

An expansion to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant is made.

Two Sith, The Dreamer and The Monster-Slayer, duel, ending in the death of both

3400 BBY

The Centrality is founded as an independent territory.

3350 BBY

The environmental chaos on Sraato caused by the meteor storm finally comes to an end.

3300 BBY

The Yavin system is rediscovered by probe droids exploring the Perlemian Trade Route’s spurs, but is cataloged as uninhabitable.

3200 BBY

The Hapan Queen Mother seals the borders of the Hapes Consortium, beginning thousands of years of isolation.

3100 BBY

Varner Hilts is born on Kesh.

3060 BBY

Vandelhelm is discovered by two independent prospectors Vandel and Helm.

3053 BBY

Caretaker Varner Hilts coins the term “The Time of the Rot” to describe the period of upheaval and civil unrest on Kesh.

3025 BBY

The Seventeenth Alsakan Conflict, the last of such conflicts, comes to an end.

3017 BBY

The Gungan species on the planet Naboo undergoes a civil war that leads to their unification under Boss Gallo and the founding of the city of Otoh Gunga.

3000 BBY

The Paecian Empire colonizes the planet Dathomir, using it as a penal colony.

The Hapan Royal Guard, or Chume’doro, first begins service as the Queen Mother’s protectors.

The planet Jabiim is colonized and joins the Galactic Republic.

Varner Hilts becomes Grand Lord of the Lost Tribe of Sith.

Saalo Morn fails to become a Jedi Knight and crosses over to the dark side of the Force.

2996 BBY

The Paecian Empire collapses.

2992 BBY

The Talecalle volcano chain erupts before entering a dormant stage that lasts for three thousand years.

2989 BBY

The Sayings, (an Atrisian manuscript written by Uueg Tching), is stored in the Atrisian Imperial Historical Library.

High Lord Edell Vrai’s mission to the continent of Alanciar ends in failure as the Alanciari shoot down the Tribe’s airships.

2975 BBY

High Lord Korsin Bentado attempts to invade Alanciar, but is also repelled by the Alanciari. He and the remainder of his forces then assassinate the entire Alanciari War Cabinet.

Edell Vrai and Alanciari allies halt Bentado’s attempt to create a “Second Tribe” on Alanciar, and the Lost Tribe annexes Alanciar with minimal hostilities.

After the Tribe discovers the polar continent of Eshkrene, a chain of events result in the release of the ancient Sith Lord Remulus Dreypa from his imprisonment.

2974 BBY

Dreypa’s invasion ends with the Sith Lord’s death, and the Tribe reasserts control of Kesh.

Baron Dreypa leads a revolt against the Lost Tribe and unearths his Leviathans from Sessal Spire, and then leads an invasion of the city of Tahv.

The city of Kala’din on Ryloth collapses.

2700 BBY

An expansion to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant is made, including the addition of the Jedi Archives.

2500 BBY

Prospectors discover that the core of Yavin Prime has fused hydrogen and carbon into Corusca gems, sparking a mining rush that dies out less than a century later.

The “battleship era” comes to an end thanks to economic strains, and tacticians largely start to prefer fleets of smaller cruisers.

The main hall of the Jedi Archives is constructed.

2519 BBY

The first Priole Danna Festival is held on Lamuir IV.

2367 BBY

The planet Taanab is settled as an agricultural outpost.

2320 BBY

The Saffa species begins a period that sees them create Saffa paintings.

2219 BBY

The Shapani Bypass was established, being used as a shortcut for Bacta transport between Thyferra and the Core Worlds.

2203 BBY

The Mining Guild claims the planet Ruusan along with a number of other worlds in the Teraab sector, but Ruusan’s mineral deposits prove disappointing.

2200 BBY

The Breath Stealing occurs on Alphoresis, an event that claims the lives of every child under the age of eight.

2132 BBY

Coruscant experiences its last major groundquake.

2032 BBY

The Koorivar are expelled from Kooriva by an indigenous species.

Durge is born.

2022 BBY
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