Ductavis Era

10,966 BBY

Grand Master Biel Ductavis assumes the position of Supreme Chancellor; his ascension heralds the end of the Pius Dea era and the start of the Ductavis Era.

10,000 BBY

* The historian Vicendi compiles a list of the Twenty Wonders of the Galaxy for his Arturum Galactinum, a work commissioned for the Republic’s anniversary.

* Ryloth enters the Galactic Republic.

* The Gran species begin to record their history.

* Ammuud is settled as a religious retreat by colonists from Thokos.

* The Kumauri Empire comes into conflict with the Republic, deploying planet-busting battleships with mass drivers, though they are defeated.

* The planet New Plympto and its Nosaurian inhabitants are discovered by Corellian traders.

* Madilon is discovered and becomes a principle component in hyperdrive manufacturing.

9757 BBY

The Republic rocket-jumpers participate in the Second Herglic Feud.

9400 BBY

Planetary shielding begins to see widespread use across the galaxy.

9349 BBY

The Korden family officially becomes the noble House Korden.

9200 BBY

Planetary turbolasers are first commonly deployed around this time.

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