Prank Packs Fake Gift Boxes

Prank Packs Fake Gift Boxes


Wrap your real gift in a hilarious fake gift box.

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Pull off a hilarious gift-giving prank on a friend or relative with a Prank Pack fake gift box. Each Prank Pack box is about the size of a large phone book and looks like the packaging for a ridiculous yet plausible product.

Your recipient will be bewildered by your strange gift of an iArm, Coffee Talkie, Beer Beard, Motorized Rolling Pin, Noggin’ Net, Bathe & Brew, or ToeTunes. Try to contain your laughter as they pretend to be appreciative. When they finally open the box, their real gift (which of course is something awesome from will be revealed. Prank Packs are great fun for everyone!

Choose from seven Prank Pack prank gift boxes.

Note: Purchase is for an empty box only. The absurd product on the box is not included with purchase.

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