Money Origami Set with Book and DVD

Money Origami Set with Book and DVD


Learn to create 21 origami projects utilizing only dollar bills.

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If you’ve got a dollar in your pocket, you can stop boredom in its tracks. No, we’re not talking about penny slots. We’re talking about Money Origami! With this instructional gift set, you’ll learn how to fold dollar bills into 21 fun and interesting designs.

The Money Origami Kit includes a 64-page book that features easy-to-follow color illustrations. It is accompanied by a two-hour instructional DVD hosted by the authors of the book as they demonstrate their money folding designs step-by-step. So, whether you prefer learning from a book or from a video, the Money Origami Set has you covered.

To help you learn how to fold money into airplanes, butterflies, stars, cubes, boxes, serpents, napkin rings, and more, a set of 60 practice dollars is included. Note: “Practice dollars” means fake dollars.

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