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Drawing the Millennium Falcon

Ever wanted to draw Star Wars characters just like the professional comic book artists? In this step-by-step series, Star Wars artists and illustrators show you how to draw some of the most beloved and memorable characters in the saga. So get your pencils and paper ready!

To show you how to draw Han Solo’s fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy — Learn how to draw the Millennium Falcon, Star Wars illustrator Chris Trevas explains his easy drawing steps with examples below.

Steps 1-7 are to be drawn lightly with a pencil. No pen, no dark lines. Finished lines and details will come at the end.

Step One:

Start by drawing two ellipses, one on top of the other. An ellipse is what a circle looks like from an angle, similar to an oval, but not as rounded at the sides. In the early days George Lucas used to describe the Millennium Falcon as a “Flying Hamburger,” think of these two ellipses as the bun.

Step Two:

Now draw a smaller ellipse within in the top ellipse. It should be just a little above the center. From the center of this new small ellipse draw a straight line angled down and to the right. This line will be the direction the Millennium Falcon is pointing.

Step Three:

Draw a straight line coming from each side of the larger top ellipse to a point on the center line. Then draw two more lines from the sides of the lower ellipse parallel to the lines coming from the top one. You now have a big triangle coming off the front of the “Hamburger.”

Step Four:

Cut the front off of this big triangle by drawing a wide rectangle. The sides of this rectangle will be straight up and down. The top and bottom of the rectangle are angled from this point of view. The corners will be where the sides cross the lines drawn in Step Three. Divide this rectangle into three smaller equal size rectangles with two more short lines.

Step Five:

Draw two long straight lines from the top of the new center rectangle to the small ellipse on top of the “Hamburger.” These lines should be parallel to the center line we drew in Step Two. Draw one more line from the bottom right corner of the small center triangle. This one should be parallel to the rest but you can stop short at the edge of the bottom large ellipse. Now draw two lines from the small center ellipse out to each side of the larger ellipse. These will be angled like the front rectangle.

Step Six:

The lines out to the sides are the guides for drawing the raised areas that divide the front and back of the ship. Draw the long rectangles and angled sides for them. At the end of each of these, draw a tapered cup shape. These cups don’t stick out any further than sides of the “Hamburger Bun.” Draw an even smaller ellipse inside the top center ellipse. This is the gunner’s window. Draw the center rectangle between the front wedge shapes now. Follow the earlier guidelines but make it a little wider. It will stop short of the wedge shapes so you will also draw a little bit of the bottom rectangle too. Now the Millennium Falcon is really taking shape!

Step Seven:

Han and Chewie need a place to sit! Add a cockpit and the hallway to it. The cockpit is a cup shape with a short cylinder behind it and the hallway angles in towards the center of the ship. George Lucas referred to the cockpit as an olive off to one side of the hamburger.

Step Eight:

Now all the main shapes of the ship are drawn and you can lightly erase the lines you don’t need and start to darken up the others. It’s time for the details! There are two round holes on each of the front wedges and an octagonal hole between the cockpit hallway and the center rectangle. Draw a group of six ellipses on the back end for the rear vents of the engine. Also, add a line to either side of these vents. The radar dish is a simple ellipse with a couple more below it to make the base.

Step Nine:

More detail! Add the bracket to support the radar dish and a small cone in the center of it. The gun turret on top is basically a box with four cylinders sticking out. Across the back behind the engine vents add the wide stabilizer fin. Shield generators go to each side of the center rectangle. Add some shadows in the gap under the center rectangle and within the holes. Don’t forget the cockpit windows!

Drawing the Millennium Falcon

Step Ten:

Draw some more detail lines and the different color panels on the ship’s hull. Along the edges add the “meat” of this flying hamburger, you can keep it simple by drawing some lines and boxes. I also like to add a sweep behind the Falcon coming from the engines to give it that extra burst of speed!

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