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Drawing Cad Bane

Drawing Cad Bane

Ever wanted to draw Star Wars characters and vehicles just like the professional comic book artists? In this step-by-step series, Star Wars artists and illustrators show you how to draw some of the most beloved characters in the saga.

Star Wars illustrator Grant Gould explains with these easy-to-follow steps how to draw the ruthless bounty hunter Cad Bane from The Clone Wars animated TV series.

Step One:

You want to create a simple framework before anything else, so for Step 1 we’ll be drawing only basic shapes. Use lines and circles to represent Cad Bane’s head, knees, elbows, hands, etc.

Step Two:

Once your stick figure framework is done, then you can go in and start fleshing out Cad’s body shapes a bit more, such as his legs and arms. Do this lightly with your pencil so that if it looks wrong, you can erase and try again. Use your lines from Step 1 to guide you. Cad Bane has a wide brim hat, so be sure to draw an oval from his chin to his forehead that extends far beyond his shoulders to either side.

Step Three:

Now that your basic shapes and pose are in place, it’s time to lightly pencil in some of the more detailed areas, such as his forearms (he has forearm gauntlets that look somewhat similar to Boba Fett’s), his side holsters, his face, and so on. Keep your lines loose and light, and don’t be afraid to erase and redraw.

Step Four:

It’s time to create your final pencil drawing. Just go over the lines and shapes you’ve already drawn, but this time make it a bit darker. Feel free to use shading, if you like. The amount of detail that goes into your final pencil drawing is completely up to you. Flesh it out until you’re happy with how it looks.

Step Five:

If you want to add pen or marker lines to your drawing — a process called “inking” — simply go over your pencil lines. When you’re happy with how it looks, go over the piece with an eraser and that will get rid of your pencil lines so that only your inked lines remain. Another option is to use a light table (sold at art supply stores) and place a blank sheet over your pencil drawing and then draw on top of that. That way your pencil version stays intact and you can try it again as much as you like. You can also make photocopies of your pencil drawing and use those to practice on. Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect the first time. Practicing is the key to getting better!

Drawing Cad Bane

Step Six:

If you want, color your drawing as well. Some people like to use crayons or markers, and some like to color their images digitally. I scanned my drawing into the computer program Photoshop and colored it digitally.

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