The All-Natural Sweater Stone

The All-Natural Sweater Stone


The All-Natural Sweater Stone Removes pilling and balling from knits and fabrics.

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Remove the unwanted pilling and balling on your sweaters with the magical Sweater Stone. This small and lightweight pumice-like stone restores the luster of your sweaters, knits, cashmere, upholstery, towels, shirts, and even bedding.

Simply brush The Sweater Stone across problem areas and the cells within the lattice of the stone will remove those irritating pills and balls. Each tiny cell features sharp edges that literally cut the tiny strands of fabric that secure the pills to your garment. As they cut, the cells dislodge from the stone, eliminating the possibility of snags.

The Sweater Stone is made in the USA by the functionally disabled and features a 10-year life.

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